The Black Hole

School has overwhelmed my entire life to the point where I just stopped writing altogether. The promises I made to myself to not only update this blog but to continue to post excerpts and work on my book were tossed to the side. Academia is all consuming. Now that I am in the Masters Program, the reading takes up all my time. Unfortunately, it is not as exciting and as fun as I hoped. I started to feel like something was missing and I needed to figure out what to do about this feeling. Soon I realized that it was my own writing that I needed. So I picked up a planner and I am going to carve out time to write. No matter what papers are due or what reading needs to be done. I cannot continue to neglect this part of myself. I need this and it fuels my creativity. I will be updating this space regularly. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you. Thanks for waiting patiently. Off to write.

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