Black Panther was EVERYTHING for me. You could not help but leave the theater inspired. I saw the film three times and I will probably see it again before it leaves theaters. The images on the screen filled my heart with immense joy to the point of bursting. I couldn’t contain the feeling so much so that I was in tears for most of the film. The realization that images were on the screen that looked like me was overwhelming. There were women who were beautiful, strong, and didn’t need saving. The one point in the film that got the waterworks flowing every time was T’Challa’s entrance into Warrior Falls. Even though Wakanda is a fictional country, it feel like I was being welcomed back home. Like my people were celebrating my return. It was such a healing experience. This film was necessary. It will be in my collection just as soon as it is available. This film spoke to my 9 year old self who always wanted to be a superhero and only had Lynda Carter’s Wonder Women and Lindsay Wagner’s Bionic Woman to look to on television. I am so happy that little brown girls and boys have images to look to when they leap into the land of make believe. I am excited for what this film will bring forth in the future. I know creatives have been inspired by the film. As a writer, I look forward to my stories being shared on the big screen one day. Until then…I am going to go visit Wakanda again.


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