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Silence In The World Of Technology

My trauma began yesterday morning after my morning commute. I noticed a crack in my phone. From this point on, I have been without my phone. I didn’t realize how attached I was. Everything is in that phone. My to-do list, my alarm clock, my calendar, and so on and so on. I was lost. I feel disconnected from the world. The silence is deafening. I am avid reader. I have purchasing electronic books now. Guess what?! They’re on my phone. Do you know I went to bed early last night? I didn’t have anything that kept my mind occupied. I read from phone before bed. Last night, all I could do was lie there and wait for sleep to overtake me. It was difficult. I kept tossing and waking because I didn’t want to oversleep. No trustworthy alarm clock to wake me. I feel worse than Cersei Lannister in the Red Keep dungeon (if you watch Game of Thrones…you get my drift). Nothing is worse than a sale rep telling you that a replacement phone is out of stock. I am sitting here because the shelves were bare. I am completely and utter clueless without my phone. Guard your phones, my friends.

On the flip side, I have gotten more done with my blog this week than I have since I created it. Imagine that. I wonder if some great words, that extend into sentences, that expand into paragraph of the best story ever are in my future. I certainly hope so. I am still working with that one line I mentioned a couple posts ago. We shall see.

Poetry – Day 14


When is enough going to be enough
No one wants to walk on eggshells
You can see the look in her eyes
She is waiting anticipating the next time
It’s gonna happen
She’s looking for a savior
Throw her a lifeline
She is begging you
End her misery
Before she loses herself to the pain