Know Your Worth

Remember that saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? The person who created this rhyme/song has done irreparable damage to the mental health of many children and adults. Words can and do hurt. Everything that is said, is heard and somewhere within our brains those harmful words are stored. They are carried with us, dormant until one day they decide to resurface. There are a lot of adults walking around angry and hurt because of the words that were said to them when they were young children. There are bullies that are tormenting other people because of the words that someone said to them and they are taking out their anger and frustration on others. Anger is a reaction. People who are toxic and say hurtful things to those that they claim to love stems from these words that weren’t supposed to hurt. I don’t know why adults assume that a child who recites this rhyme will somehow be armed against the feelings of another person’s hurtful words. The sting of the words doesn’t dissipate. It hurt the first time the words were said. Saying that rhyme just makes you a welcome mat for toxic behavior. Never put yourself in harm’s way. Stop telling children this rhyme. You are not helping them.
Do not welcome toxicity into your life. If you are in a toxic relationship, leave. Your mental health is important, protect it. If I was ever the toxic person in anyone’s life, I apologize.

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