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Writing 101 – Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen: Your Personality on the Page

Today’s Prompt: We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

I am afraid…
I am afraid…
I am afraid…
I am deathly afraid of spiders.
I fear that I will not make it.
I have set goals I fear I may not achieve.
I fear that some people think that my accomplishments are their own.
So much pressure
Pressure weighing on my shoulders
My shoulders are in pain from carrying all these people.
I wish I didn’t stress at crunch time.
As crazy it sounds, I seem to do my best work under pressure.
I fear I can’t keep running on fumes.
I fear failure so much it scares me.
I have heard that failure moves you towards success.
I haven’t been in that space yet.
I’ve been disappointed in myself because I didn’t do the best I thought I could.
I am afraid…
I am afraid…
I am afraid to doubt myself.
I am afraid of discontentment.
I am afraid that I will become bitter and cold from the weight of discrimination and institutionalized racism that I face daily.
I fear for the safety of not just the men and boys in my family but all black men and boys.
I am afraid that too much has been done that we will never recover from.
I am afraid the reparations you seek will never be enough.
I afraid I cannot live up to expectation of the superwoman myth.
I fear that my humanity makes me empathetic.
I fear that I cry too much.
I fear that I am not enough.
I fear the echoes of loneliness.
I am afraid that my anxiety will become worst.
I am afraid…
I am afraid…
I am afraid…
I am afraid enough is enough.

An Open Letter from an Adult Child to a Stubborn Parent

I am just me. This is NOT a custody battle and I am NOT minor child. I cannot please everybody.  I cannot be in many places at the same time. Although in my head I am a superhero, I am not physically capable of making this happen.  It’s not enough that I am physically present it seems for some.  In their minds, I must cater to their every whim and guilt laced plea.  The adult me is capable of discerning bullshit. Please take some time and reflect and acknowledge your own baggage for exactly what it is.  Please stop making piss poor attempts to project that madness onto me.  I am sorry you are not happy.  Please find your way to your own happiness. In the meantime, I will continue to breathe and put one foot in front of the other.