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Never Give Up On YOU

I woke up this morning and thought about how far I have come.

I remember people assuming that because I was pregnant at 19 that I was uneducated and ignorant.

I remember people assuming that my escaping an abusive relationship and needing assistance from state made me a lost cause.

I remember being told how I would never be able to go back to school after being away from academia for so long. I remember being told to just let that dream go.

I remember my best friend telling me that I was so smart that I could be whatever I wanted to.

I remember all the hustlers who encouraged me daily and told me when I succeed they succeed.

I remember the pimp who brought me books about teaching and told to me to keep pushing.

I remember the children who were excited that I was going to college.

I remember those days when I was burnt out and my child told me “Mommy, you can do it!”

I remember being stressed because I had no idea how I could afford to go back to school and I managed to pay my way every semester.

I remember thinking I wasn’t prepared enough to take on the classes I took.

I remember being so afraid to fail.

I know that as of yesterday, I finished my last semester as an undergrad, my degree will be mailed to me in three to four months, and I start grad school in January.

Never anybody tell you what you cannot do. Even yourself. You are much stronger than you think you are.

Fan Fiction May Open A Door

After you have finished reading a book, do you ever wonder exactly what is happening with the characters? I hope I am not the only one who does this.

I was challenged months ago in an author’s book club from other members to write a scene between two characters from one of the author’s book. I was really hesitant to get involved since some authors can be really protective of their work. A few of the members messaged me and really pushed me to participate. I didn’t response right away. I had to really think on it. I was not prepared for the feedback I received from my multiple posts to the challenge. It was overwhelming. I have never seen a posting get that many responses, especially not for something that I wrote. I actually left a cliffhanger and I have gotten several requests to finish. The author messaged me and let me know if I ever wanted a career in erotica that I would not only have a fan base but I would definitely be able to make lots of money. She encouraged me to think about it and said that if I needed any help if I decided to take the plunge she would be there to offer whatever assistance I needed.

WOW! Talk about mind blown. I mentioned this to a friend while on vacation recently and she wanted to read what I wrote. I was a little scared. You never know what people will think of you once they read something so racy. I found the post and sat in silence as she read the whole thing. As she finished the last line, she said, “Wait, where is the rest of it?!” I just said, “That’s it”. She then replied, “You’ve got to finish this”.

Although I didn’t go back to it, I’ve thought about it. In fact, it has been a constant on my mind along with a line that I have been musing over. I have been thinking of continuing only I want to create something new. I think the Universe has been poking at me about this. I just need to follow this road and see where it leads. I would like to post some of what I had for feedback; however, I need to check to see if the language might violate WordPress policy. Does anyone know offhand? If you do, send me a message. Or maybe if I get a couple interested parties, a la beta readers, I would to love see what you think.