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Poetry – Day 1


I wanna go away
Yet how far is far?
Should I walk until my feet touch wet sand?
Would that be far enough?
I think I’d like to feel the wind from the palm trees flow through my hair
I might giggle once my toes touch the cool water
I’d smile watching the waves crash against the sand
I would dream dreams plentiful
If I could only find the place called away

Poetry – Day 2

The Witch With No Power

Your skin reeks
Your presence is a constant irritation
If I had the ability to cast spells
You, my dear, would be the ugliest toad
If only it were that easy
One button to push to change the hands of time
It seems you’ve hidden your true self from those in power
Yet I see right through you
Underneath those scales
I see you
You were once an innocent child
Eyes wide shut
Ready to explore every inch of the kingdom
You found a mirror but not one that reflects
You heard that you were the best
Your ego got the best of you
You treated people unkind
Yet if I turned you into a toad
You’d see, you’d remember
The truth