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Words and Woes

I have been unmotivated.  I know school will start soon but I don’t feel all that enthused.  Nothing is really holding my attention.  Not a TV show, a movie or book. Matter of fact the last book I read was the twelfth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, “Deadlocked” by Charlaine Harris. After reading reviews for the last two books in the series, I couldn’t devote any more time to this series. I understand the author has the choice to write a story however she sees fit. I understand that she created these characters. I don’t understand the context of the last two books. They don’t fit the rest of books in the series. Sighs…I digress. Where was I? Oh right, unmotivated. Well I was motivated about getting back in school. I was excited about the writing I would be doing. Once I got in school, my focus was on academic writing. I would love to find an avenue to challenge, channel my creative nature. Moments like these make me question if I have a passion for poetry at all. I loathes those who question my choice of major. I know exactly what I am doing. You know what even if I didn’t I know I am old enough to live with my decision anyway. As long as I can remember, I have been excited about words. I found solace in books. I had adventures at the library. My library card was my passport. I want to rekindle those embers. I wonder what happened to the flame. The search begins.

Poetry – Day 16

The Tale of the Immobile Pen

Struggling trying to keep up the same pace

Attempting to maintain the same enthusiasm as in beginning

It’s so difficult

Life often gets in the way of what I really wish I was doing

I read a blog the other day that commanded me to pick up my pen

I picked it up

I held it in my hand

I felt the weight of it resting in my palm

Reminded myself of the reasons why I began writing

I remember the feeling I got when I smelled the ink on the page the first time

The confidence I felt when I was able to string letters to form words to command sentence into rhyme

I was excited

Presently words come in stutters then distractions

I’ve got to read for class, I have to sleep, I have to get up for work

Life interrupts us

That’s right me and my muse

She stays elusive

Is this her way of telling me my goal is an illusive one?

As I stare at the blank page and wonder then my mind wanders

Then I remember writers write

As long as my pen moved today then I completed my task

Looks up at this stream of letters across the page

I smile

My muse she got me again