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Oprah Lifeclass Season 2


So I’ve resumed watching Lifeclass for another season and I must say that once again this was for me.  There have been four classes so far and they’ve all spoken to me.  This is like free therapy.

1. Stopping the Pain

2. Living Fearlessly

3. Live with Purpose

4. The Power of Forgiveness

Wherever here is this is where I am.  I have struggled and still am struggling with some things on a mental/emotional level.  Just these few classes have turned on a light.  Now it’s about working towards being free.  I don’t know exactly how I’m going to accomplish the task but I know it needs to get done.  It’s time to get free.  There is so much I have left to do and I need to start checking off the list.  I know my energy has probably crossed over the answers I’ve needed and when they were presented to me I wasn’t paying attention because I’m still circling around the same themes in my life.  I know there is a lot I need to let go of.  That is going to be the hardest thing to do outside of forgiveness.  Letting go, forgiveness, failure/fear, and pain are my tasks.  The analogies provided by these wonderful thinks shred some light on some things that I know and others I was not willing to admit.  I know in recognizing this about myself, I’ve grown.  I strive to be courageous and bold.  I want to take the steps to open my heart space to forgiveness and seal some old wounds.  Just thinking about it causes the tears to form.  There is a little girl, an adolescent teen, and a young woman inside me crying out in pain.  They need to healed and mended.  The only one that can do that for them is me.  They need to tell their stories.  It’s time.

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” – Catherine Ponder

Oprah’s Lifeclass


Last night was the first time I tuned in I was getting ready to turn the tv off when I found this. I happened to be flipping the channels. I ended up staying up to almost 1am because I watched the live webcast after the show. It was something about last night episode that drew me in. The title of the class was “Become What You Believe”. I didn’t catch it from the beginning but I came in on these words, “believe, writers write they just don’t write sometimes they write all the time” she then segued into an interview from last year with J.K. Rowling about what WRITING. So I felt compelled to keep watching cause it had to be something in it for me. And there WAS!

Man, JK’s energy was powerful!  Throughout the class we were provided with mantras and  affirmations.Here is one that you do in the mirror daily: “Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day.”

Affirmations + Action = Miracles

It’s about your best self. You become what you believe. <—-THINK ABOUT IT!

Updates – There have been 6 classes tonight is number 71. The False Power of Ego
2. Letting Go of Anger
3. You Become What You Believe
4. The Truth Will Set You Free
5. Joy Rising
6. Who You Were Meant to Be – Everybody Has a Calling

There is a common thread that resonates throughout each and each one of these classes. They are interconnected. Each of the lessons gets you to pay attention to not just your outside environment but your inside environment.

Everything around us is here to teach us exactly what we were put on this earth to do. Everybody has a purpose to serve. The first 4 lessons allow you to peel back the layers of distraction that have been preventing you from recognizing your purpose. Lessons 5 & 6 give you the tools to assist you in cultivating your way towards your calling.

The universe uses ordinary ppl to do extraordinary things.

Find a still, quiet place then do not be afraid to ask the universe, “how can I be used in service to myself first and how can I then use that service to serve the world”? When you use you’re life to serve the world you’ll find that it also serves you.

I was moved to write this so here goes:

Don’t put expectations on the intention of your question. Our own preconceived expectations only assist us in ignoring the truth. The answers often come in quiet whispers. Get quiet and honor those whispers. Pay attention. If it you think it is something so improbable, that MIGHT be what you’ve been missing this whole time because it wasn’t loud.

I didn’t plan on writing all this but my fingers were moving so whoever this is for I’m telling you to pay attention. This is your sign.