Is My Cape On Straight?!

I am not okay. I am NOT okay.  I haven’t been as strong as you think I am in about two weeks.  Mentally, I am trying to hold myself together. I am facing deadline after deadline and the pressure is mounting.  I spend more time in my bed then I will readily admit to.  My pillows could help to resolve the water crisis here in California.  I wish there was a way to get people to hear what I am saying without them constantly replying, “Oh I have faith in you, you’ll get through it” or “I don’t know what you are worried for, you always do just fine”.  Words fall from my lips and yet I am NOT being heard. So I keep my fears, sadness, and tales of woe inside while choking on the fumes. I put on a brave face and continue to play a superhero.  I am vulnerable, I am fragile.  I don’t have any answers. I just keep pushing. 

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