Writing 101 – Day One

This day one is the freewrite. Here goes nothing. I’ve channel surfed all day and nothing has been on television.  I have attempted to pleasure read and nothing has kept my mind occupied.  I know I have assignments I could be doing. I am not motivated. It started raining and then it stopped.  I am staring out the window.  I am distracted. It’s probably why I cannot write consistently.  As I continue to click this remote randomly stopping at will, I wonder if women really realize the image of themselves being displayed in media. A bunch of body parts objectified. I am unsure if they understand what image they are leaving behind for young girls,  We must speak out about our representation and work to create uplifting images which reflect who we are.   This so random. I hope by the end of this challenge I will have an ah-ha moment which leads to something remarkable.

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