The End

The semester is at a close and presently I am working on my final paper.  Some days I am anxious and other days I have pinpoint focus. Today is a combination day.  All I know is that the paper must be done the day of my final exam.  Nothing else matters.  I have worked too hard for this to be distracted but negativity.  My work environment is like recess on a playground.  I don’t have any patience for these degenerates. They are complacent people with absolutely no life goals. Being around them is mentally draining.

*Inhales, exhales*

I have a task to complete on my bucket list and I am so close I can taste it. I won’t be deterred.

In other news, a butterfly is in my office. *Smiles*

I believe these butterfly sightings have occurred to remind me to stay focused.

Message received.

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