Butterflies Part Deux

Once I came home after class yesterday all I wanted to do was sit down and melt into the folds of my easy chair.  It’s been long semester and yesterday was the last official day of class.  I’ve been formulating a paper for four days and it’s exhausting yet it must be done.  I must study fiercely this weekend.  So as I sit in my chair and I rest my head on the headrest.  It felt good to sit and do nothing. I decide to watch a little Elementary since I have DVR’d it.  I was 30 minutes in and suddenly I see something fly right my line of sight.  I pause the recording and look around but I don’t see anything. As soon as I get ready to push the play button, I see it again. It finally lands.  I laugh and smile.  It was a butterfly.  I still wonder what the universe is trying to tell me.  I manage to catch it in a glass and carry it outside.  When I released it, I said “goodbye little buddy, safe travels”.  I am open to the message whatever it may be.

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