Dreamers Unite

I heard someone say, “one day you have to stop dreaming and become an adult”.  If you can read this statement and agree, I feel terribly sorry for you.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming.  Dreaming keeps our inner self alive.  Dreaming keeps us hopeful of things to come.  Dreaming keeps us creative.  There are a lot of adults who have lost their ability to relax.  This could be attributed to the above statement.  Someone told them they had to stop dreaming.  They have lost their childlike innocence.  They have lost their ability to imagine.  What’s life without imagination.  You cannot be so serious.  You will make yourself sick, physically, mentally….just sick.  I believe pixie dust is real.  It’s okay to laugh.  Really I don’t mind.  It will not stop me from believing.  I think those who are creative beings are always told by some authority figure that they must stop believing.  If you are a parent with a child, don’t kill your child’s ability to imagine.  It will serve him or her well in the long run.  Nurture imagination. Stop wanting children to be adults so quickly because you are too selfish to raise them into well-rounded human beings.  Take some time and play with them.  Not out of obligation, not because it will shut them up and they can stop begging you, do it because it’s fun.  Learn to have fun again. Embrace your inner child.  If you do, you’ll smile more often.  Be happy.  I challenge you.  Get a box of crayolas and a coloring book and color outside the lines.  DO IT!  I DARE YOU.

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