A Spike Lee Joint, YOU SAY!

So this morning I woke up from a dream puzzled.  I was dreaming about Spike Lee giving me a part in one of his movies.  I saw what looked like a contract or some other kind of paperwork with his 40 acre logo coming through a fax. As the pages were coming through I got more and more excited.  The fax made a beeping noise and I figured all the pages came through.  As I read through the pages, I noticed that pages 8 and 9 were missing.  All I wanna know is what happened? #Realitybites

I spent a whole hour trying to deciphering what this all meant.  I had to laugh at myself audibly.  This was the funniest thing because I was seriously looking around in the dream for a business card to call Spike to ask him where pages 8&9 were.  When I woke up I kept telling myself it could happen, it could.  *chuckles*

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