I am putting one foot in front of the other traveling down this path called life.  I am more determined than ever to make my dreams my reality.  The universe has been whispering in my ears for a while now.  It’s time, no it’s been time.  Fear was like a noose.  I found a hatchet.  It’s time. I can feel this energy on a cellular level.  It’s a cosmic push.  They are waiting for me to birth this baby and it’s coming.  I know there are a lot of ppl who are NOT about this life and that’s okay.  I am speaking about the negative ones, yes I am.  It will motivate me.  If you don’t like the conversation, don’t listen.  I don’t do well holding things in.  It didn’t work for me as a child and it certainly won’t work for me now.  I spent a lot of years being silent. That was fear. Fear of repercussion. Fear of impending violence. Fear.
You will not stop me. I am the biggest comet impact is imminent. Figuratively and literally. You best get out of my way.  Like I said earlier, I’m just gonna smile and keep moving. It’s gonna happen regardless. Point blank comma PERIOD.

If you don’t like what I’m putting in the recipe, stay the FUCK up out my mix.

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