Like a Flashing Lightbulb, a Shooting Star, or a Random Fortune Cookie Message


I just happened to be perusing the timeline on one of my social networks and read a message from one of my favorite authors, Beverly Jenkins.  She was sharing an article about writing.  I clicked on the link and read the article however I wanted to know more about the person who wrote it.  I followed one of the suggested links which lead me to Literary Snippets.  I was pleasantly surprised.  This further fired my excitement.  I wanted to read more and I did.  I am inspired.  This “find”  let me know that the path that I’m moving on is the right one, right now.  I have been researching reference books for a little bit in preparation for a life move and this was major confirmation.  I cannot wait to dive in.

P.S.  I know I said I was going to start posting excerpts from one of my story and as you can see I didn’t and with good reason.  After reviewing several pages, I decided that the story needs tweaking so I am withholding it.  I will however continuing posting poetry.  As matter of fact,  here a couple lines I’ve been playing with….

Ticks and lines on the pages
Construct words formulate sentences
Like an architect with a blueprint for a master plan

It’s still a work in progress.  Until then….

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