So I was out and about early this morning getting my taxes done (shoutout to WilltheTaxMan) and on the way back home this lady sits next to me and lights her cigarette and blows smoke right in my face. Uh really?! I moved she had the nerve to stank face as if I’d done something to you. This woman was flippin’ them thangs in her mouth one after another in the span of 10mins. She wasn’t concerned about her lungs or mine. However when she walked away abruptly she says to me, “I didn’t mean for the smoke to bother you.” SAY WORD?! Yeah I was irritated for the next 15mins. UGH.


On another note, my baby BRUDDAH boo thang (hey BOO), Darion got to see Nikki Giovanni today and I am so glad he was able to get audio so that I could listen to her voice. I LOVE her. Listening to her recite “Ego Tripping” gave me goose bumps. My favorite line from that piece is “I am so hip even my errors are correct…” I listened to the audio twice. It made me pull out every Nikki G book I have (Blues: For All The Changes, Love Poems, The Prosaic Soul of Nikki Giovanni, and Quilting The Black-Eyed Pea). I would love the opportunity to see her live and direct. One of these days, the universe is gonna make that happen for me.

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