I have never ever been tech savvy. I have learned some things along the way however when it comes to electronics if things do not work like the instructions state they should I get pissed. I purchased a USB flash drive stick the other day. I went to make copies at Kinkos on Friday from the drive and it wouldn’t work right. I plug the drive in last night and it’s blank. I know I put my work on the drive and it’s not there. Really?! I call Amazon to find out the return policy and of course they’ll take it back. I decide that if I cannot find a solution I’ll just go ahead and send it back. I scan the internet in frustration to come up with a resolution. The only solution I can find is to format the drive. UGH that mean that all the time I spent transferring files from floppy drives was a HUGE waste and I will have to do it all over again. So last night I decide to format the drive which took forever. I waited until this morning to spend the time transferring the files from floppies to the flash drive AGAIN. So as I’m going disk by disk, I am staring at the screen my mind idly wondering. It dawns on me…uh you have an external hard drive you could have put all these files on it without having to buy the flash drive stick. DUH DUH DUH. Right now I can only laugh at myself. I guess if I am going to be going somewhere for practical reasons it would be smarter to have the stick instead of the drive but still. I could have saved my dayum money. GRRRRR.

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