(written while listening to Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh)

I know I said I was gonna nurture my creative self today however negative forces have deterred my pen. I was in a happy mood when I woke up this morning. By the time I walked into work anything & everybody was trying to put a chink in my armor. Now that I’m at home feeling like I wanna write this asshole of a neighbor I have decides once again that he wants to be my DJ. Everyday for the past seven months, he has played the bass on his stereo at club levels. None of the methods I’ve used have worked from politely speaking to him and then finally to the management & owner. It doesn’t even look like they (management) have any immediate plans to curb his need for the BOOM. So I may have to move. This shit interrupts my creativity and I hate it. Just because you follow the rules does NOT mean everyone else follows the same ones you do. Every lesson you learned and applied is not always respected. Why is it when you try to be civil, courteous, diplomatic, or considerate you end up in front of the one individual who lives by the ME code? The ME code = it’s all about me and everything revolved around me fuck everybody else. I need to be around like minded people. I need to be around those who appreciate culture. I need to be around those who are artistic and creative. I’ve said for years that Sacramento is not for me. I have continued to hope that some small ray of sunshine peeks in and makes me appreciate why I did have hope for this city when I first moved here. Now, I am done. I’m pooling my resources and deciding on where to plant roots next. Some say I never should have left Los Angeles. NOT just for my own physical, spiritual, and mentally well being but for the sake of my daughter’s that was not an option. I can appreciate Sacramento since I grew alot here creatively but after that, Sac did nothing but show me what a close-minded prejudiced TOWN it really is. There are a bunch of complacent folks existing here and I can not live in place where people just exist. So I’m spreading my wings. It’s time….way past time. Watch the sky, I’m coming in for a landing to a city near you….or maybe not LOL.

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