So I’ve been feeling frustrated for a while no spark in my pen and then this issue with my back got me feeling all kinds of down and what do I see in my box today….

My boy Inflewence gave me the best quote:

“Until you get to the point where you are relentless in the pursuit of your goals you are not ready to achieve them!”

It’s been on my mind all day. It hit close to home because I haven’t been happy at my job for a long time. The lightbulb went off…I’m not suppose to be there lol. It has NOTHING to do with me pursuit any goal of mine. NOTHING. The energy in that place is negative. I haven’t had one spark of creativity since I started working there…hmmm yup that’s what I said. How long have been there….THIS IS YEAR 5….WHOA! So yanno what I need to make a HUGE move. And land some place that is going to inspire me to the land of beyond my wildest fantasies. YUP YUP and I can not wait to fly.

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