Pomp and Circumstance


Today is the day when things start to change.


I want to protect mini-me from all the horrible things that plagued me when I went away to college and yet I can not. She has to live her life and make the right choices for her. I never thought my emotions would get the better of me. Yet I find myself taken glances at her more often as if I will forget a moment. I want to remember each and every thing. I was asked about how I felt about my child leaving the nest. Honestly I hadn’t consciously thought about it. My best friend told me I didn’t want to allow myself to think about it. I think she is right.

I cannot express what it is I am feeling. It’s a whirlwind of emotions ranging from tears to extreme happiness…the kind you have when you cannot stop smiling. My tears are not ones of sadness it’s just that I’ll miss her more than I could ever express. I have watched in awe from her very first word and I am still amazed at all she has accomplished. I can not wait to see her make her mark on the world. So I’ll sit back and watch her walk up that aisle onto that stage and get that “piece of paper” as she calls it. However wrapped up in that scroll is so much more than the words typed on that paper. I told her long ago when she worried about rigors of high school that she could do anything she set her mind to….and she did it and so much more. I know I’ll be crying….it just means I am so happy.

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