Defining Moment


It’s been mini-me and me that’s all it’s ever been and now……it’ll be just me. I am not sure I will be able to adjust. It hit me today when she was trying on her cap and down and I cried like a baby. You know it’s not even graduation day. *sighs*

When she was born I had to learn how to be a parent. I was so afraid that I would fail her in some way cause I was already thinking about “how am I gonna send this baby to college?” and NOW she’s on her way. Things have come full circle and this is a defining moment in my life. It’s like a dream that you’ve dreamed all your life and now it’s come true. I remember a time when I knew the Universe HAD to be piloting the ship cause I had no clue what would happen or how things would happen. So many obstacles came my way and I had no idea how I would make a brighter day. I thought I was alone with this tiny person and nothing I could give her was good enough. I wanted nothing but the best for her and my 19 year old self just didn’t see how I could give her whatever I thought “best” was. I was all she had and she was all I had. So I didn’t have a choice but to make something happen. Parents are suppose to teach their children but I believe with everything in me that she has taught me sooooooo much more than I could have ever taught her. She taught me perseverance and strength. About all else she motivated me and inspired me to push. And I can not thank her enough. I could not be more proud of her than I am right now in this moment.
Mini-me, Mom loves you more than words can say.

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