The truth always manages to surface no matter how much we try to hide things. Over the past couple of days, my birthday included, I’ve had a tough time dealing with an issue that has come up with my father. I really don’t know how to take it. I know I need to get past it just don’t know how. I have talked about it extensively with someone who means the most to me. I just have to figure out how to approach the situation now. I tried to talk with my father and express my feelings. He didn’t seems to get it, he accused me of telling him what to do which was ODD. It’s really hard to even fathom that after all these years something like THIS comes up and he couldn’t possibly understand that I would feel the way that I do. I have gone over and over the fact that I think I am going to write a letter I just don’t know how to start it at this point. *still thinking*

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