Ferris Buellerish….Kinda

Life is moving fast these days and time is a precious commodity. So what do you do with your time? Will you be productive with the time you are given? Will you be there for those that need you? Time moves fast just like life. I think it moves faster now that it ever has. I look up at the clock at work one minute and then the next it seems it’s time for me to leave. Time is never promised. So I need to set to do what it is I need to do with it. Bonds that have been forged need to be recultivated. To those I’ve allowed in my circle, if I haven’t said it lately, I love you and I appreciate you for who you are to me and what your presence brings into my life. Ideas that blossomed need to be made reality. To all the thoughts, dreams, and other moments of epiphany, I promise you I will not waste you. A plan is forming and I’m patiently waiting to see a positive result. So when time comes along and taps me on the shoulder…..I’ll be ready.

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