Happy Birthday…Or Is It?!

Written on 10/24 (I forgot to save it)

My birthday 10/23………..

A day of reflection on every thing that I have been through for the past year. I know that I’ve grown tremendously and I hope and pray that I continue to do so in the coming future. I can not get over how much I’ve really moved on some things. I have some things I am still working on but I am trying. I have grown closer to a few people that I would not even consider friend they are more like family. I appreciate them for just being there for me more than I would say my biological has been. I hope that we continue to grow as family. You know a family does not have to be blood related they just have to love and support you no matter because them loving you doesn’t change because of the person you are they still accept you as you are. I thank those who’ve allow me in their lives and I appreciate you for that. A birthday is suppose to be a day of joy, laughter, and celebration.

I almost allowed a situation beyond my control to ruin this day for me. I was consumed by anger because I felt betrayed. It further confirmed for me that my childhood was a lie. The people that I am suppose to rely upon at birth, who I’m suppose to trust to have my best interest and well being at heart truly hurt my heart. I can not allow them to keep hurting me in this way. I have the common sense to know that I can not change what was done but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I mean what are you suppose to do when you find out that you have an older sibling who was given up for adoption and they both an idea about the situation and held onto it. The sibling called me on my birthday to introduce himself.

Thank you for standing by me through it all. Thank you for supporting me and letting me know that we’d get through it and that things would be okay. I appreciate you making my day the best.

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