Do You Want More?!

Sometimes I really do wonder what some people are thinking. I mean when I go out I’m there to have a good time…laugh a little perhaps partake in some spirits…maybe but that’s it. I’m not trying to take anyone home. I love myself and if I decide to share my being it’s gonna be with someone who feels me and my energy the same way on a telepathic level…some next dimension type of chemistry. At times I get approached and I’m all for networking but that’s not on the agenda apparently my thong on the headboard is. I’m trying to BUILD. Friendship means nothing to them either so it seems because a friend seems to be a “fuck” in the pocket. WHAT THE HELL?!?! My essence is special to me it may not matter to anyone else but it definitely matters to me.

It annoys me that people feel that love is so temporary. They do not value commitment or privacy or morality sometimes and it is devastating for me to see. I think sometimes is this the future of my community?! I feel like this is a “microwave” society who wants everything right NOW never taking the time to make the time for anything other than this moment. Plans for the future or evolution or revolution dont really matter much so it seems.

I value the details of getting to know someone. Intimacy to me is a spiritual thing and if I view it as such it’s not WORTHY of just anybody. I mean I am sure I’d be momentarily satisfied however would my soul fulfilled? Would my mind be stimulated forcing me to pen a whole new philosophy? I don’t see that happening. There are so many ills in this society that it is important to KNOW not to just KNOW the woman but KNOW about her wholy. I guess I just want MORE and alot of people cannot wrap their minds around that fact. I want a partner, my best friend, my lover, my energy, my breathe, my air, my moon and my sun…YOU GET WHAT I AM SAYING. This to me isn’t anything to play with. I really don’t care what the latest craze is like I said I WANT MORE!

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