I Do?!

I had an urge to write last night but it seems rest claimed me first. I wonder sometimes are we in love with the idea of being in love. I don’t know if people truly understand the concept that relationships take work. In spite of the trials, the love shouldn’t change. I was thinking about traditional marriage vows and I remember in the past how I used to get riled up about “honor and obey”. I can laugh about that now simply cause I have never been truly IN love. It sounded like CONTROL to me and when I feel trapped…I rebel quickly. However, now my understanding of that word is to listen. We have a hard time listening sometimes because we are so stubborn and set in our ways that we cannot hear anything else except what we think is right. I think there is alot of compromise involved as well. When the vows get to “for better or worse”….what’s the worst and how much of the worst can one truly take? I think that is a very challenging line. How much does one tolerate before the heart and spirit call it quits? I have been through some really CHALLENGING events just being in relationships and I wasn’t even married. Could I wrap my mind around WORST? Makes me wonder even more. Don’t ask me why I’m pondering marriage vows that’s definitely not happening any time soon
Saying the words “I love you” means something more than just the words, let’s try our best not to play around with them.

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