Surrender…the conclusion is that I can not change my past for it is just that THE PAST but I can definitely affect my future. I don’t wanna dwell too much on what my parents did cause if I spend too much time on it I think I’ll become depressed. I can only learn what not to do in the future. When I feel those old feelings creeping up on me, I need to just do the opposite of what I am used to doing. That’s the only way I can change me.
I have this book I bought for my birthday called “Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript” which I purchased as another step toward progression. I’ve held myself back for far too long. For years ppl have been giving me great feedback on my words and thoughts always asking when the infamous book is coming out and all 500+ poems not to mention the short stories are still here in a file drawer on the floor next to me WAITING. I have about 13 collections already put together waiting for me to find placement for them. So let me go make my TO DO list.

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