Today today today! This day has been a day of revelation and one of clarity. I feel so much peaceful right now I can not even explain it. One day at a time and I know the answers will come. The writing I’ve done for the past couple days has been freeing. Seeing things on paper just helped me to really see all the stuff I’ve held onto. I thought I had let these things go but it seems I’ve just suppressed and pushed ’em to the side. I need to confront things head on. I have tolerated too much from my parents/family and it stops now. I used to just let them talk remain silent and/or tune them out however that wasn’t fully working for me cause I was internalizing things they said anyhow. People always tell me I have such a positive spirit and I feel that I do and have always NEEDED to have one considering the ways of my care givers. I have survived on hope and faith. I look back from where I’ve come from and it just amazes me sometimes how I kept putting one foot in front of the other. I didn’t have them to be supportive of me so I had to learn alot of things on my own. My best friend WAS my family. I am grateful for my experiences. If I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be me. There are times when I wish certain things NEVER occurred but then going through them made me stronger because I survived them. I am even more grateful for this moment I’m having right now!

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