So Faithful

Heart, mind, spirit, and body…faithful. Everything I have could ever hope could ever dream….faithful. “Faith= the substance of things hoped for”

Dedicated, motivated, captivated….faithful. Often times, faithfully is viewed as a weakness, an empty trust that ‘things will be ok’. Sometimes faithfulness goes unrewarded, unappreciated, and overlooked. Sometimes you sit wondering has all the struggle and obstacles been all worth the present stage of consciousness. I swear I’ve lived lifetimes repetitiously. When I was younger, I used to have recollections of things that I couldn’t possibly remember but never really spoke about because I had a cousin who voiced his thoughts on his “memories” and they all thought he was crazy. I’d remember speaking to a grandmother who passed on when I was 3 so how could I have spoken to her? I used to have dreams about her we would be sitting talking sharing yet these things never occurred. Yet I wonder…faithful with the hope that one day this will all make sense. I am currently living a life of many ups and downs and yet I wonder…faithful….is it all worth it? In the end, will I be able to look back upon all I’ve been through and laugh about it ? Will I have recollection of events and think fondly upon them? Yet and still I wonder….faithful.

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