Truth Be Told

Universe universe can you hear me? I’d really like to know why you saw fit at a specific date and time to link the stars the way you did. Why did you guide my spirit in that direction? I’d really like to know. I wanna know why on earth you’d make it so this energy surrounds me. Love is so unpredictable. Emotions so uncontrollable. Feelings overflow. I am not in control never was. I just wanna see more clearly. Show me what it is I need to see. My stomach is in knots because I worry so much, cause I care so much. Those in my circle don’t seem to understand that I feel deeply and when I do I can not let that go. It’s just not that easy. My heart feels what it does for a reason. As stubborn as I can be, as frustrated as I get, I can not let this feeling go. My heart still belongs to the one whom I gave it.

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