In my heart, I wish for so many things. I believe I have allowed many opportunities to by pass me. However, in present time I have chosen to readjust my attitude toward the things that have left me in a state of fearfulness. All I must do is take the first step forward and progress. Life is way too short to delay what’s most important. Even when I think I can put things off for a short while…TIME is still the enemy. Time passes without forethought from me. Time will continue to elude me. I have to make up so much lost time. I will focus on all the things I wish to say that often go unsaid, I will do all the things that I put off that should have been done yesterday, yesteryear, yesterseason, I will go forward and make all the MOVES that were suppose to be make a lifetime ago. I WILL BE! I ask the universe to assist me in all that I need to create, plant positive seeds and bring forth stars from across all hemispheres to journey with me through this CHANGE. Thank you for allowing me to recognize and see more clearly. My vision gets clearer every day. Thank you for allowing me to remain positive about those things that once caused me to run away. I thank you for giving me the strength to react differently.

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