Such is life…

Live and learn and grow. In the back of my mind this has been my motto, I just had to find it again. Sometimes the clouds and the fog get in the way and block the path of common sense messages that I know to be true. Someone told me that this is an age of change for me and so far I would say that it was truth spoken. I have gone from 45° to 90° to 180° to 360° and all those in between. Change after change and some times I wonder how in the world….mmph! Through all the stumbles, struggles, misunderstandings, confusion, misconstruction, misjudgement, tears, stress and strain my feet still move although at this time I have no clue which direction. I might be moving in a circle. I just wanna find infinite peace. I wanna be so free I can’t stand my own reflection it’s so bright. Some where I lost something along my way and I need to pick it up again. Certain things I used to do have gone from me and I want them back. So I am calling out to the atmosphere to that wonderful misunderstood space within me that hides all my lost treasures…SEND ME BACK TO ME ALL THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN ALL THAT I THINK IS LOST GIMME BACK MY VOICE GIMME BACK MY CREATIVE ENERGY GIMME BACK MY SONG HELP ME FIND MY WAY JUST HELP ME FIND MY WAY!!! Help me find my way. Help me hold my self together help me find patience help me find understanding and depth in revelation. Reveal to me the things that I need to know. I’ve denied certain things about me for so long I’ve feared both failure and success no more I want to have all there is for me everything I thought wasn’t because I wasn’t worthy enough help me to understand I am help me to appreciate all that I am all the possibilities that I never could see all by myself solo open all the doors I myself closed open those that never were help me walk through them all with the confidence that was always there that I couldn’t believe in because I thought I was less than perfection help me to understand that there is a reason for all things and give me the ability to understand it’s okay to be human and in my humanness help me to understand that I am okay I am okay am I okay willing to be okay help me to understand my open spirit and the vulnerability of all help me to accept and appreciate the presence of others help me to be comfortable with being exposed as the person I am unashamed of any struggle any stain any blemish any one thing that made me be me help me to understand love and my delicate self within it and once this is done help me to come out whole and complete and content with me.

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