On Love

“Love. That thing that was like the wind. You could feel it, but you couldn’t hold it so you couldn’t control it.” – Eric Jerome Dickey

This statement so very true. Love can sneak up on you come at a time when you least expect it and overpower you. No matter how much you might try to slow it down and contain it, it never works. I was there but now I embrace it. There is something wonderful about hearing the words “I love you” that makes you giddy and foolish all at the same time. It’s the tone and you can replay it over and over again. The words roll off the lips so sweetly and beautifully. They have a way of going straight to the heart. You can tell whether it’s real, whether it’s meant. You can hear a smile when it’s said in the voice of the one you love. Somehow it just makes you move closer than you ever thought you could or wanted. Try saying it sometimes and see what happens.

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