On Life

Life sometimes throws you a curve you have to just roll with it. The past year and 6 months has been so very trying. Though circumstances were totally beyond anything I could’ve predicted I’m sure that my decision to leave was the best thing I could’ve done at the time. I have struggled to this minute. Reality of this situation, the here & now, is being content in our moment. There is no control, we just think there is. No control over anything the moments in time are already set. The path is drawn out. I just have to walk it. When it’s time for the turning point it will happen. God controls everything and without God I am nothing. In a conversation with a friend, she mentioned the story of Job. Job had everything taken from him and no matter what he stayed worshipping God. Throughout all his circumstances God was his focus. I know that I need God in my life. I know that God knows all my faults and shortcomings, knows what steps I am to take, what’s best for me, and the process in which it’s suppose to come to me. I must wait on God. I was blessed today by a friend and I received that which I needed in this moment. I know God had everything to do with it. I thank God for all my blessings. I thank god for my life, my health, and my strength and I know He has gotten me through many struggles and situations. It is through Him that I survived this long. Thank you for blessings to come. Thank you for blessing me with people who love me without reservation. I thank you for allowing them to support me through good and bad. Thank you for my struggles and for the lessons that come from them.

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