Inner Healing

Focusing on everything that has gone wrong instead of focusing on the good things that have occurred leads to depressing thinking. I spent a whole twenty four hours focused on every bad experience and its result which caused me to drive myself nuts about the present and future. Why is it we think bad is soon to come? I need to take my own advice and accept good when it comes to me and recognize it. I need to allow myself to let go of past hurt and pain and allow goodness to come in. My conscious mind knows good and well that everybody isn’t bad and those bad experiences don’t reflect on the behavior of everyone I meet in my present and future. I have to concentrate on pushing forward when it comes to trust and risking my fear for the good to come. I need to be clear about what I mean and what I say. I need help to be able to see when I blinded by past fear. Right now at this moment I welcome the good coming my way.

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