Rant Repeat VII: Evolution

You never realize how much time has passed until the leaves change and the people around you start to get older and grey and then you realize time did it to you too. That’s how my day has been….my seed has blossomed into a flower and it’s a beautiful thang. It seems that at times things seem to be scattered and nothing makes sense though you know that changes are about to take place. Right now I feel like the triangle is about to be a circle. Whenever the next landmark is my life I feel that I am so close and it’s in my reach. Dayum….gotta stay on point and not get discouraged. I know I might not be making sense but I know somebody knows what I am talking about. The energy is all around and I feel it. There are so many messages I pick up on a daily basis. From the music I listen to little signs are in it and from the conversations I have. People say things to me and don’t even realize it and that to me is a spiritual transference of energy that is beyond my comprehension but I have to believe everything happens for a reason.

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