Plans & Decisions

Inside My Mind

A pool of mass confusion

Sitting in the midst of tidal waves on cloudy days

Wonder why the plains of grain

Sway only on Saturdays

While the moon in all its iridescence

Sits up above my head

Speaking subtle pleasantries

When I can’t even hear a simple melody…..

I often wonder why it is that when you are so determined to improve upon self or circumstances that others have such a problem understanding that. It seems as though too much positive causes folks to question your sanity “Are you alright?” Of course I am alright, I am doing what I need to be doing to be alright with me.

As J. California Cooper wrote “You have to love your own heart and body! Love is LOVE, and LOVE protects what or who it LOVES. Believe me. If somebody is not there to HELP you, what else are they there for? Answer me, please.”

The answer is simple love it or leave it alone/get rid of it. Well, if someone is discouraging your happiness, the time has come for some decisions to be made.

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