Rant Repeat VIII: Vividness

Life has somehow allowed me to recover quickly from the dreary depths of sadness. The sun has been coming out warming my face. It has been wonderful, a feeling that is just unbelievable. I just can’t seem to stop smiling. I ain’t complaining bring on happy. I love it!! I guess when I woke up on Monday and felt different that should have been a sign. I decided to do something I never do….I let the nappaliciousness down wild and free wooooooooweeeeee. What is the deal with men and hair???? I couldn’t stop laughing at all the commentary about it. Some idiot even offered to give me a ride home…..ummmmm what time warp was he living in……DAT AIN’T SAFE somebody could get hurt. The things folks will do….funny as hell to me. Just made me think what’s next: Someone will offer me a million dollars to touch it LMAO!!! As you can see I am acting real silly so my world is back on its axis. Now if I could just get some VIVIDNESS my my my my!!!!

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