This Is The End

This year has been full. There have been hurdles, challenges, and triumphs. I have pushed myself through with a strength that I didn’t even realize I possessed. There were times when I thought of giving up. I was thoroughly exhausted. I cried in frustration. I cried when there was nothing else I felt I could do. I knew I couldn’t afford to fail; it wasn’t an option.

I continued to push myself through it all until I made it to the other side. I had to keep telling myself that I could through this one obstacle. I had to keep telling myself that the mental stress was worth it. I refused to get caught up in the idea of being Superwoman. I didn’t have to strong. I was entitled to my feelings. I had to keep talking myself through everyday.

Once I was able to see the light, although it was the size of a pin point at that moment, I kept my eyes focused on it. I eventually got to the place where I knew I had done all I could do. I let all my fears and the anxiety go. Instantly, I felt calm. I wasn’t worried. No matter the outcome I was going to be okay.  And it is okay.

As this year comes to a close, I have vowed to dedicate more time to my writing. I will push myself to write even while I have classes. I have two semesters left.  I will graduate in December. I am looking forward to closing this chapter of my life. I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. I embrace light, peace of mind, and abundance.

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