Excerpt Three

As promised a follow up from Excerpt One.Point.One:

Stacy knew exactly what Khalid was talking about. She hadn’t had a nightmare in months. In fact, it had been so long since she had the dreams she thought they finally stopped. Stacy had been too terrified to speak those events of her life into her current reality. They had been too painful to even share with her closest friends. No one close to her would know unless she told them. No one would be able to connect Stacy Justus with Leslie Phillips. Stacy was so far removed from Leslie that it seemed like they were two different people, almost. When Stacy was fifteen, she was known by her family and peers as Leslie Phillips. The events of Leslie’s fifteen year old life became a recurring story on the 10 o’clock news. She had gone missing and her family did everything they could think of to ensure her safe return. They consulted the police, psychics, hung fliers, canvassed neighbors, and followed every single lead even though the police asked them not to interfere repeatedly. Her parents would not rest until she was home. It wasn’t until they received the call from the detectives working her missing person’s case that they finally had answers regarding their daughter’s disappearance. It was this call that would change everything for Leslie and her family forever. Her parents learned that Leslie was taken by single individual. During a drug raid, police discovered photos of Leslie amongst other disturbing photos featuring other girls and young women. The police realized that they had stumbled into the den of a serial killer.

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