Joggin’ the Old Noggin

I have decided to participate in the Daily Blog, Writing 101 challenge which starts at the beginning of April. No excuses. I will carve out a moment during my day to post from Day 1 until May 1st. I know it’s going to be tough due to school deadlines but I am going to do it. 30 days of writing should give me something to pull from. I am dedicated to investing in myself.

Until then, I have plenty of reading, an essay, and a paper proposal to finish for my classes before Monday.  Challenges, challenges. One day at a time. 

One thought on “Joggin’ the Old Noggin

  1. Oohhh, sounds great!! May this be a good month for you.
    Writing every day sounds really tough, I know how it is with college deadlines, papers and classes… Best of luck to you!! May you succeed!! 😀


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