Happy Birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur, Rest Brother.


When I awoke this morning, I had Tupac on my mind. Tomorrow would have been Tupac’s 41st birthday.  I love Tupac.  I love his music.  I love his words.  I love him.  I’ve mentioned how Tupac made a serious impact on my life before.  He literally saved my life.  I know that may sound outrageous to some people and that’s okay.  My only regret is that I never had the opportunity to meet him or see him perform live.  I have no doubt in my mind that he would have had a major impact not just on the music industry but the world if he would have lived. He was a thinker.  Some say a revolutionary.  In spite of how the media may have portrayed him, there was something about him that allowed him to connect with people. I knew Tupac was major when my mother embraced him as a “son”.  My mother’s favorite Tupac song is “Dear Mama”.  When the news came that Tupac had left this earth, my mother shed tears.  I remember the moment I heard the report, time stopped.  I felt like I lost a brother.  The pain cut deep for me.  He was ALWAYS be special to me.  Every time I hear “Me Against the World”, I smile.  ‘Pac I feel you here.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur, Rest Brother.

  1. i had lost my breath when he was murdered. like michael jackson, i miss him to this very day. he was well on his way of showing all the sides of his artistry.


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