I want Freedom
Free me release the chains that bind my ability to be me
I’m rebellious to hell with this and them
Freedom trapped in the hands of 12 white men who understand nothing
about the way we live
There is something more
There’s gotta be something more
Isn’t there something more
There better be something more
FAKENESS is trying to take over the real
This fallacy seems to be a movement
It’s a precedent some new shit
For all this struggle and strife
These crabs in a barrel clamping down hard
Sometimes I feel like a ninja with my shurikens
Slashin’ through bullshit
Sometimes enemies stay hidden like weapons of mass destruction


I decided to combine #4, #5, #6 seemed like a good fit. I rearranged lines & words although this time I got stuck. I’ll come back to it after I stare at these words for a little bit. I’m really trying to use what is already there and move forward to finish the piece. I’m wondering if I made that clear when starting this “exercise”. I am trying to immerse myself in the “idea” that caused me to write these words in the first place. It’s not necessarily about whether it sounds good…yet. It’s about the feeling. Later on I’ll create NEW concepts using writing exercises. For now, I’m gonna let this one just sit here as I ponder.

2 thoughts on “REMIX #2

  1. “Sometimes I feel like a ninja with my shurikens.”

    Definitely love that line. I really liked these posts, Poet Pimp. And I'm so glad that you've got the itch to start writing again. The world can definitely benefit from your words.

    I'll be coming back to see how you develop. 😉


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