(written while listening to Disrespectful feat Mary J. Blige – Chaka Khan)

I feel as though there are a multitude of thoughts floating in my head at any given time and I just don’t take the time to sit and write them all down. I’ve been saying it’s been writer block but I don’t think that’s the case. I have my mind focused on other things clouding up the creative space in my mind. Since there isn’t a single thought or mode then things become jumbled and chaotic. I need to get a singular vision and stay there. I think the writing group will not only help me purge but get me around like-minded individuals. I’m not looking to get fame and fortune however if it happens I’ll flow like water. If not, I’ll still be content. I’d be happier if my words inspired ppl more than I would for lights cameras and action. I see too many ppl looking for that “big break”, trying get on a reality show or some other garbage yet they are neglecting the craft of writing. I just wanna be able to write free. I don’t need pretentious bullshit or complacent ambiguity. Stop trying to be some dayum ostentatious and just be you! Stop trying to silver tongue me and show me something.

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