My Mic Sounds Nice

(Be Ready…Jill Scott)


Some times it’s just good to keep your eyes on your own paper. I think ppl ask questions that they already know the answers to. SO why do they ask? Ppl don’t want honest opinions they want you to say what they wanna hear. If you have faith in yourself and your own decisions you don’t need anybody. Truth, naw you not ready for it. If you are looking for inspiration, that’s different. I need inspiration every now and again.

Meanwhile back at the ranch….. It is so annoying to me when ppl ask questions to set you up so you “see what they are thinking” JUST ask. It’s pointless and it’s childish. I’m just gonna start hanging up the phone on ppl, closing chat boxes, which ever form of communications it is….I’m turning it off. Simply asinine.

If I wanna pick up the mic, I’m gonna I don’t need help. If I wanna pick up my pen and write a verse, I’ll do. I have a collection of work right now READY. So in due time, it will be visible to world. Until then if you don’t like what I’m doing….exit.

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