Like little pictures, flashes scenes appear in my head while I am suppose to be at rest. I cannot understand why it is I see what I do. Why it is I see who I do. For several seasons, I have kept my mouth closed and yet there it is. I sat listening to my Ipod and there it was. Why? I don’t know what these thoughts, feelings, dreams are doing invading my personal space, my ME time. We don’t even talk and yet there it is. I find myself wondering “how you are and what you are doing and are you okay?” all in the same rambling run-on sentence. I am afraid for even thinking this. Afraid for even writing this. Ever have a thought, watch a show, have an idea and want to pick up the phone and share it? You were my person. That space is empty & there is a void there. I shouldn’t even be thinking this but I am. Dammit I miss you.

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