The Essence of Love

You know I don’t know what about this made me cry but it touched me. Love is such a powerful energy and reading all this I didn’t realize how much I don’t even think about half of what you mentioned. Sometimes I feel like we walk around day to day unconscious. Hmmm what do I love? I love words the versatility of them how they feel coming out my mouth when I say certain things. The creativity of the words when they fall on the ear. The sounds of children playing and laughing it is so pure and innocent there is nothing like it in the world. I love the sound of the rain not just when it hits the pavement but the melody it makes. I love the springtime and the way it smells outdoors during that time. I love music and how it can change you mood. I love butterflies they speak to me. I love that feeling you get when everything goes just right that you can not contain yourself. I love my grandmother’s wisdom. I love the lessons that I’ve been taught from all the pain I’ve experienced. I love the humanity in ppl who choose to care for and about others and take action to DO something. I love originality and genuine thought. I love the untapped energy of the unknown. I love me and the person I am both good and bad. I love my mini-me because of her spirit and her drive.

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