A Time For Repair


Once the clock struck 12 everything that occurred prior to that event becomes history. A conversation put this into perspective for me. There is nothing that can not be affected by change. We have to be willing to change for the betterment of self. There are behaviors that need improving and those will be worked on. Not because of the changing of the calendar but because it is long overdue. A great read has planted seeds in my consciousness and each day I will take a step towards better. It will take time and since time is indeed precious I plan to use it wisely. I want to use each day of the next 365 to grow. This is the seventh year, 7 being the perfect number, and phenomenal things are bound to occur. I open myself up to welcome whatever is out there for me to come on in whether it be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. I open myself up to happiness, to knowledge, to hope, to faith, and to love. I am striving for contentment. For all those that have been placed in my presence may our bonds continue to flourish for as long as the universe sees fit. I appreciate your existence in my life and what you have taught me your affect on my spirit has been felt. I thank you for the lessons that you were sent to teach whether I was open to them or not they were planted in my awareness.

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